Workout Wednesday: Exercise with Your Baby!

You don’t have to be a Mom to do this workout! That is just an added bonus.

When is it safe to start working out after having a baby? Typically 6 weeks after a normal delivery. But always check with your physician first! You want to start slow, no marathon running right away! You should be able to do walking and low-impact exercise whenever you feel ready.

Here are some simple moves to help get you going! Please try the push-ups first, without your baby on the floor, to be sure that you have enough strength to control the downward movement and push up successfully without slamming on the floor and crushing your baby!

Some of the benefits of exercise for new Mama’s include:

  • Bonding with your baby! It’s never too soon to teach kids the joys of exercise.
  • Regaining your strength and stamina. Despite the fact that you are drained of energy 24/7, a little bit of exercise can actually give you more energy.
  • Help fight postpartum depression.
  • Feel and look your best!

No baby? Try this exercise with a small, well-trained pet or a medicine ball would work great too!