Meet Nutty!


Hello, welcome to my food and fitness blog. My name is Heather Mason and I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and a licensed Zumba instructor. I have also earned my Master’s Degree in Nutrition Science.

The fruit baby and I

The fruit baby and I

As a dietitian, I believe strongly in recommending only what is evidence based and not what is trending at the moment. There is no single “best diet” for everyone. You are a unique individual and have dietary needs that are specific to you. You also have your own taste buds and perhaps religious or ethical reasons for eating the foods that you choose. I recognize all of these needs and work with you to find the best diet to optimize your personal health.

On this blog you will find my professional opinion on many health and fitness topics, ranging from medical nutrition to restaurant reviews. I also plan to share some of my favorite recipes. What you will not find is the next miracle weight loss pill or diet product- because let me tell you, it does not exist.

Aside from nutrition and Zumba, I love cooking and baking (usually healthy, but not always), traveling to foreign countries, and snowboarding. On the weekends you can usually find me hanging out with my adorable niece and nephew.

I hope you enjoy this blog and feel free to leave any questions you have!


Playa Blanca in Colombia

5 thoughts on “Meet Nutty!

  1. Hi, I visited your old blog first – did you know that you could make this blog your primary blog, and then your gravatar and blavatar would link straight here? It’s really easy to change your primary blog, if you just go into your settings 🙂


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