Workout Wednesday: How Many Calories Do I Burn?

Sorry folks, no video today! Stayed tuned next week for part two of Workout with Your Baby! Today I’m talking about calorie burn. Not always everyone’s favorite subject, but it is important none-the-less. Recently, I have read several studies demonstrating that exercise alone is not effective for weight loss. Interesting. Why is that? Several reasons, one being that people tend to overestimate the amount of calories they burn during exercise and underestimate the amount of calories in their food. That is why I have created this handy dandy little chart for you.  The calorie burn is estimated for a 150 pound female who is doing the activity for 1 hour.  If you are male or weigh more, the calorie burn will likely be greater for you, if you are smaller, it will be less.

As an added bonus I have compared the calories burned to a few foods we might eat around the holiday times.

Oatmeal Pecan Pie

1 slice pie = 300 calories (apple or pumpkin pie) This healthier pecan pie in the photo also has 300 calories for 1/8th of a pie. Regular pecan pie has roughly 500 calories for 1 slice.


1 medium apple = 80 calories. Try making applesauce if you’d like to mix it up.

1 hour of Activity and Calories Burned

Walking (3 MPH) = 300 calories, 1.0 slices pie, 3.5 apples

Hiking = 385 calories, 1.2 slices pie, 5.0 apples

Running (6 MPH) = 600 calories, 2.0 slices pie, 7.5 apples

Leisure Bike Ride = 200 calories, .66 slices pie, 2.5 apples

Spin Class/Fast Bike Ride = 700 calories, 2.3 slices pie, 8.7 apples

Zumba Class (personal fave) = 450 calories, 1.5 slices pie, 5.6 apples

Yoga Class (not Bikram) = 200 calories, .66 slices pie, 2.5 apples

Weight lifting = 200 calories, .66 slices pie, 2.5 apples

Keep in mind, activities with greater calorie burn are not necessarily better. They simply burn more calories. One hour of weight lifting is not going to give you a high calorie burn but it will help you build more muscle mass if you do it consistently. Higher muscle mass equates to a higher calorie burn while sleeping, eating, walking, etc. That is why it is recommended to do both cardio and strength training when your goal is to lose weight or maintain your loss. That is the personal trainer answer. My answer is do the activity that you enjoy and that makes you feel your best!

What is your favorite form of exercise? Were you shocked by how much or how little any of the activities burn?

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