The Ultimate Foodie Gift Guide

Buying people the right gift is hard. It’s always been stressful for me, even as a little kid, I would stress out that it wasn’t the right gift. What if they don’t like it? What if it’s too big? And now that person thinks you think they are fat? It’s not any better now that I’m older. I have super creative and stylish friends who are perfect gift givers that laugh at me when I bring a “Mi Casa es Su Casa” wall hanging gift to our annual holiday party.  That is why I wanted to stick with scarves!

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite kitchen gadgets that are sure to please any foodie! Most of which I already own, a few of which I would like to own (hint hint family and friends).

1.Chef’s Torch with Fuel Gauge. I love my kitchen torch. It’s perfect for making creme brulee, browning merengue on a sweet potato cake, and melting cheese for french onion soup! My younger brother used to steal mine to burn random objects. Luckily, now that he is a bit older he’s over that phase and I get to keep my torch for my cooking!IMG_7639

2.Over-the-Sink Cutting Board. Bought this on a whim at Macys and I love it. It’s not that I really want to strain most of my food, it’s just that I love pushing it over into the basket and having more space to chop. I don’t know why, but it’s just really handy and I’m so glad I bought it!cut

3.Cute Kitchen Apron. I love wearing aprons when I bake, not to look cute, but because it’s so practical! You can wipe your hands on it, store some tools in your pockets, keep your clothes clean from all the flying flour! I don’t know about you, but every time I bake there is flying flour. I have an apron that I currently wear, but my photographer Ann-Marie says that it is too distracting in the photos, therefore I need one with a solid pattern.apron

4.Cutco Knives. Bought these knives from my friend when she was working for Cutco in college. Mainly I just bought them because she was a poor college student, but it turns out it was a great investment! I LOVE these knives, in a way that I have never loved knives before. They are super sharp, never get dull, look pretty, feel good, everything you ever wanted from a knife.homemaker-set-with-block

5.Immersion Hand Blender. Anyone that likes making soup should have a good immersion blender! Buy this for a friend or yourself and try this cheesy potato leak soup.blend

6. Cooking Classes at Cook LA. An interactive gift is the best kind! This would be great for you and a friend that loves to cook! I’ve taken a few classes here and loved it! It’s fun and you get to learn something new. Chef Liz is the best! Also, you totally don’t have to be good at cooking to take these classes.

If you have friends that love to cook, I know they will love these gifts! Here are some of my best friends! IMG_3045

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