Fall Favorites

After a friend asked me what the best type of nutrition bar was, I immediately thought of Mrs. May’s.  My intention was to write a post about the healthiest bars, but then I realized I don’t like a lot of store bought bars. So I figured I would share with you some of the products that I do LOVE.

Mrs. May’s Cashew Crunch This is my favorite snack food EVER. The cashew crunch has a light sweetness that goes perfectly with the salty, protein-packed cashews. Mrs. May’s also makes bars which are equally delicious and have built in portion control, as long as you eat just one.  Most of their products have a very short ingredient list, so you can feel good that you are not eating something totally processed. The one downfall of Mrs. Mays is that it is kind of hard to find in a regular grocery store, which is why I don’t have any to take a picture of right now (sad face). Basically, they are impossible to find unless you order them online. They are definitely worth it!cashew crunch

Walnuts I am the nutty nutritionist after all, so I definitely need to include nuts! I love all nuts, but I have an emotional connection with walnuts. When I was kid I loved walnuts. On my third (or maybe second?) birthday I got a giant box full of walnuts and it was pretty much the best present ever! We have video of me opening this box and I just start screaming at the top of my lungs because I’m so happy. Later that day I insisted on carrying the box around with me. This one lady at the party said to me “Heather, put your nuts down.” I gave her the dirtiest look that a three year old is capable of. It’s my birthday and I will carry my nuts if I want to. Long story short, I still love walnuts and eat them pretty much everyday. They are great on oatmeal, in baked goods, in homemade granola, and in salads!

Baby Nutty!

Baby Nutty!


Honest Tea Water is my number one drink choice. But for those times when I just want a little variety I go for Honest Tea. They have unsweetened and lightly sweetened tea. My favorites are Peach White Tea and Moroccan Mint Green Tea. I also like the zero calorie Unsweetened Lemon and “Just” Green Tea. Aside from being delicious this company is fair trade and most of there products are organic. Look for the green organic symbol if you are not sure.Honest Tea

Mamma Chia Vitality Beverage I have a love-hate relationship with chia seeds. Have you ever tried chia pudding before? Well I have, and I am NOT impressed. Its a bummer though because chia seeds are packed with heart healthy omega-3’s and they are a great source of fiber. Fatty fish is one of the best sources of omega-3’s, but if you are vegetarian I would definitely go for the chia! The flavor of these drinks are really good, you can tell they are made with fresh fruit, and they are also certified organic! My favorite flavors are cranberry lemonade and blackberry hibiscus. I also love this company because it was started by a woman in San Diego and they are very eco-friendly. One percent of all the profits go to supporting sustainable and local farms.Mamma Chia Drinks

Shallots. In my opinion, shallots are amazing and very under appreciated. A shallot is like an onion and garlic that got married and made a super baby! The first time my boyfriend ever cooked for me the recipe called for shallots. He didn’t know what shallots were so he called his Dad (who happens to be a chef) to ask if he could just use onions instead. His Dad said “If you really love her, you will buy shallots.” He ended up buying me shallots, it must be true love. But then we broke up, oh well. I still love shallots!  Shallots go great with most fall vegetables. You can use them in pretty much any recipe that calls for onion or garlic. I made this recipe with shallots a couple weeks ago and it was fantastic.


Shallots are my friend


Even Lucy the dog likes shallots

Those are some of my faves. What are you loving this fall?

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