Low Cost Exercise for Everyone

During the summer time all I hear is, “It’s too hot! I can’t exercise outside because I will get heat stroke/sunburn/sweat to death.” Now that it is fall here in beautiful Southern California the weather is perfect for exercise outdoors. It is usually between 60-80 degrees fahrenheit. You know what my patients tell me now, it’s too cold/windy/I might get drizzled on. Boo-hoo. It rains approximately once a year in Southern California, its 70 degrees outside, It’s not too cold!! Give me a break people!!

Welp, now that I got that off my chest, let me just say there are some good, low-cost, indoor activities you can do if you can’t afford a gym!

1. Go walking at Costco! Yes, a client of mine suggested this to me today. Great idea! If you don’t have a Costco card find a friend that does OR just go to the mall! Bam, you won’t have to deal with any of our pesky temperature variations. But, if you do go walking at Costco no stopping at every sample station! Ok, maybe walk first, then have a few of the healthy samples after. Who can resist Costco samples? Not me!

2. Workout Videos/Youtube. A lot of sites offer free workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Anything from weights to yoga to Zumba! Here are some of my faves:

For High Intensity try Fitness Blender

Zumba if you have the Latin Spice

For stretching and relaxing try Yoga

3. Zumba. If you live in or near Simi Valley come do Zumba with me for Free on Tuesday and Thursday nights. The class is at 6 PM at Sierra Vista Family Medical Clinic. This class is great if it’s your first time taking Zumba or exercising. There are people of all ages and abilities who participate in the class. Bonus, there are no mirrors and no judging!! If you work nights I also offer a $5 Saturday class at 9 AM at Coyote Hills Park in Simi Valley. Like me on Facebook if you would like updates about this class.


Saturday Morning Zumba in the Park


Post Zumba picture with a horse!

4. Get a Rescue Doggy.  On those days when you just don’t feel like going out for a walk, a pet can help give you that extra motivation! A short pee stop for your pet can turn into a nice brisk walk that you and your pet will both enjoy. Dog owners are less likely to be obese (than non dog owners) and they have a reduced risk of having a heart attack according to research done by the National Institute of Health.


I love hiking with my doggies!


Baby Sophie looking cute!

Bottom line, there are no excuses for not working out. Even if you are injured or have arthritis, I recommend finding an easy workout that you can do. Everybody can do something. The best medicine for arthritis is gentle exercise. Am I right doctor friends? Yes, it is easier to workout when the weather is perfect and you have the money to afford a personal trainer. BUT, those things are not necessary. Exercise is not about losing weight. It’s about getting strong, feeling good, and staying healthy. If you happen to lose weight in the process, then that is just the cherry on top!

What is your favorite physical activity or exercise to do?

My favorites are Zumba, snowboarding, and tennis!

5 thoughts on “Low Cost Exercise for Everyone

  1. My suggestion is get yourself a tiny house and an active 9 month old who gets bored easily! That will definitely get you out of the house on walks! Also pushing a stroller is great for the arms, especially if you do it one handed.

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  2. At Topanga mall they have posted on the walls mileage and calories for how long it takes to walk places, and how far it would take you to walk a mile. Ex, between Macy’s and Nordstrom is .10 miles and burns 10 calories. Saw that the other day…thought that was helpful of them.

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  3. Love the motivation! The opening to this post was pretty funny! I taught outdoor bootcamps in the Summer so I know all about the complaints! I can’t believe people are still complaining about the weather now….people come to Canada! I’d take your California weather any day 🙂


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