What You Eat Doesn’t Matter

Ok, so it matters a little. Mainly, I just wanted an intriguing title. BUT, I 100% believe that what you eat does not matter as much as HOW you eat. For example, it is better to sit down at a table and have peanut butter with crackers than to eat organic almond butter straight from the jar while watching your favorite show.
Have you ever heard of mindless eating? Mindless eating is eating while spacing out in front of the TV, at your desk, or even while driving in the car. When you eat mindlessly you do not appreciate your food, and more importantly, you do not even remember your food. I can’t tell you how many times I have asked a client “so what have you eaten today?” and at least half of the time the answer is 1) nothing, or 2) I don’t know.  More than likely these people have eaten something, they just don’t remember; probably because they were eating mindlessly.

mindless eating

Image source: Pacificsource.files.wordpress.com

Several studies have demonstrated that mindful eating can be more effective than following a structured diet. Mindful eating can also help reduce episodes of binge eating and anxiety associated with eating. Even the Google Campus has adopted a mindful eating lunch hour to help its employees practice the art of mindful eating. If Google is doing it, you know it must be a good idea…

Here are a few tips to help you practice mindful eating and appreciate your food.
1.Turn off or remove all distractions while eating (TV, computer, annoying coworkers)
2. Sit at the table to eat, even if you are just eating a snack
3. Take your time while eating. Savor your food. Put your fork down in between bites.
4. Think about the food you’re eating, the flavor, texture, and the nutrients
5. Tune into your hunger and fullness cues. Do you feel ravenous, satisfied, stuffed to the brim?

Try rating your hunger on a scale from 1 to 10, both before and after your meal. The goal would be to try to stay in the middle range, somewhere between 3 and 7. Don’t allow yourself to get to the point of “I’m so hungry I can eat a cow” but also try to avoid breaking out the post-meal stretchy pants. To learn more about mindful eating check out this site.

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