The Perfect Peach Crisp

What makes it perfect you may ask? It’s the perfect combination of juicy peaches with a light buttery crumb topping. As an added bonus it’s 100 calories fewer than a traditional recipe but still just as flavorful. Peaches are typically a summer fruit, but in California certain varieties of peaches are harvested as late as November. So go get yourself some peaches from the farmer’s market and make this wonderful dessert!

This is an original recipe from my chef friend Teresa Osorio. Teresa and I met back in undergrad nutrition class at U.C. Davis (Go Aggies)! It was easy to make friends with Teresa as she would always bring tasty treats to class (and she is a nice person also). The recipe uses strained non-fat Greek yogurt to replace some of the butter that would be in a typical dish. It calls for cheesecloth as a strainer, but if you can’t find cheesecloth, just use a coffee filter. I went on a wild goose chase to find cheesecloth at Target, not worth the effort.  Maltitol is used instead of sugar. Maltitol is a great low calorie sweetener with a mild flavor and no yucky after taste like Splenda or Aspartame. Walmart does carry it or you can buy it online. If you want to avoid artificial sweeteners, you can use Truvia Baking Blend, which is a mixture of stevia and sugar. Or, omit a sweetener all together if your peaches are really sweet. I personally do not enjoy the taste of stevia, so I do not recommend Truvia, but if you like the flavor of stevia, go for it.

bowl of peaches

Step One: Slice some peaches

peaches and baby

Step Two: Give them to the cutest baby around to taste test


Step Three: Mix peaches with spices and place in a baking dish

peach crisp

Step Four: Add crumble topping, bake, and enjoy!

Reduced Calorie Peach Crisp

Yield: 1 – 8” x 8” dish
Peaches, peeled, sliced                              6-8 medium
Maltitol  or Truvia                                        3/4 Cup maltitol or 1/4 Cup Truvia
Cinnamon                                                   1 tsp.

Crumble Topping
All purpose flour                                        3/4 Cup
Unsalted butter, cold                                 2 TBSP
Plain, nonfat Greek yogurt, drained          3 oz. (half of 6 oz. container)
Brown sugar                                              1/2 Cup
Granulated sugar                                      2 TBSP

For the filling: Peel and slice the peaches, then combine with the maltitol and cinnamon. Let sit until the crumble topping is prepared.
For the crumble topping: Drain the Greek yogurt in damp cheesecloth (or damp coffee filter) set in a strainer overnight (cover with plastic wrap to prevent a skin from forming on the yogurt). Cut the butter into small cubes and combine with the drained Greek yogurt and sugars in the Kitchen Aid with a paddle. Blend until the butter has broken up into small pieces with the sugars, then add the flour and blend on a medium to high speed until the flour has distributed evenly and the mixture resembles a crumble. Instead of using a Kitchen Aid, you can also use a pastry cutter or a fork to mix the topping.

Place the filling into an 8”x8” glass baking dish and then top with the crumble topping.
Bake the peach crisp on a sheet pan at 375°F for 25-30 minutes (the filling tends to bubble out of the dish, so a sheet pan will help with clean up).

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